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Simply put… How does a boiler work?

Boilers are a non-negotiable part of the modern home yet, when it comes down to it, many of us enjoy the heat our boilers bring without really understanding how they function.

This might not seem like a problem, but a lack of understanding surrounding your boiler’s role could actually set you back for a range of reasons, including –

  • The wrong boiler for your needs
  • Misunderstandings about problems
  • Difficulty knowing which boiler to invest in
So, before you reach for that thermostat and get toasty warm again, ask yourself – how exactly does my boiler make this magic happen?
Luckily, this isn’t a complex matter to get your head around. At heart, a boiler system isn’t too different to the fires our ancestors used to keep warm. Fundamentally, both gas boilers are furnaces which heat water that’s then pumped around your pipes or stored in a tank for when you need it.
Most modern homes are fitted with one of three popular models – combi boilers, conventional boilers, or system boilers. While each of these achieve the same ultimate goal, they do so in very different ways, with the main differences of note including –
  • Size
  • Efficiency
  • Speed
  • Cost
To enjoy the heat you deserve, use your knowledge surrounding the role of the boiler to find the best possible solution. Or simply talk to us so we can find the ideal heating system for your home today.

How to save energy during the winter months

Cold weather means warm and cosy mugs full of your favourite tipple! It also means snuggling up to the fire at night while you drink tea with your loved ones. All of these things are great, but no one really talks about how much energy you could be wasting during the winter months simply because you do not know all the tricks and trades to save energy during that time. There are plenty of tips you can incorporate into your everyday life that makes saving energy easy. Not only will you be saving your pockets, but you could also be saving the planet. Less energy means a reduction in your carbon footprint. It is a win-win situation.

There are obvious things you can do like investing in a really good space heater if you have a big house in which you only really use a few rooms, this is an excellent way to save energy. Another thing you can do is refrain from turning on the heat at all. When things get cold inside the house before you reach for the thermostat try bundling up in your favourite sweater or put on your cosiest pair of socks. By wearing your outdoor winter wardrobe indoors, you could easily save money on your energy bill. Your clothes can warm you up instead.

When it comes to saving even more on your energy bill, you can take it a step further. Avoid using the extractor fans that you typically find in the bathroom or the kitchen. Only use them if you have to and when you are done make sure that you turn it off.

Which boiler is right for my home?

If you’re replacing your home’s boiler, there are a few factors to consider that will help you make the right choice.


How much room do you have for the boiler? If you have limited space, you probably don’t have room to have a separate hot water tank. If you can’t fit in a boiler, hot water tank, and a cold-water tank, then a combi boiler is the smart choice.

Existing System

Do you like the system your home currently has? It’s usually more practicable and affordable to keep the same system, but sometimes it is smarter to choose a new system. An older home, for example, might have a system that is out-dated and not the optimum option. A new build should have a better system. Remember that different systems will require different amounts of space.

Hot Water

The best boiler for your property will depend on how much hot water you tend to use. If you often need to use hot water from different outlets at the same time, then a system or conventional boiler with a hot water cylinder is likely to be better for you than a combination boiler. Family homes often need boilers like this to keep up with the hot water demands of family life.

Whichever boiler you choose, you need a Gas Safe registered engineer to fit it, so you know it’s safe and working correctly. To discuss our boiler installation services, call us on 0208 227 1540 or use our form to request a call back.

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